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Here's your problem:

In your short little post you said this:
"I think it will be a tremendous boost to the downtown"


"because I think it will spur a number of small businesses"

Here's what we KNOW-
We know it will cost Wilmington $58M at a minimum. Hurricane damage is separate and paid for by Wilmington

We know the "success rate" of MiLB stadiums is very small and usually occurs in markets that are much MUCH bigger than ours.

We know by looking BACK at stadium builds within the last 20 years that hey on average have the same economic impact as a large pet store.

Thats what we know
Saying "I think" not once but twice indicates what you really WISH to happen not what is most likely to happen. ALL estimates of economic impact were just that - estimates. Even NSS says they don't KNOW if it will succeed here.
But given a choice between possibly LOSING $58M worth of taxpayer dollars and losing nothing by letting Ripken develop a ball field with private investors we should all choose going with Ripken's plan



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