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Thinking outside the box gets me in trouble at times.

Be careful on the marina thing though. I said riverfront condos for a reason. Down town is one of the lightest population density areas in the city. If you have a Marina that is accessible through an entrance you're OK. But put a public Riverwalk right by all those expensive boats combined with very few people around and you're asking for trouble. But if you put people in the area, on their decks, looking out their windows or who are just outside walking and you have an .effective deterrent to possible crime.
Extending Riverwalk past the CC right to the Holmes bridge (going by the proposed stadium) puts it right in the area of a proposed marina.
Riverfront condos provide permanent economic impact from people living right in the area. These people also provide eyes and ears to the area

BTW - any guesses on to how much it will cost to
A - build the 1.5 acre park attached to the stadium? and
B - extend River walk to and past the proposed stadium site? and
C - build up the land and install the bulkhead necessary to protect this land from the mighty Cape Fear River?

You know, one thought that has been over looked by everyone is this.
I was polled by PPP about the stadium project. One of the questions was "Would you be more likely to vote FOR the referendum if it included a public park"?
Now we find out the park wasn't part of the deal and that this deal isn't much different then previous ones submitted.
Someone, somehow forgot to inform the "pro side" the park should not be a selling point for the stadium because its not included in the plan........funny how that happened, eh?



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