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There is no doubt Shoningers land is "brownfield" land. Go to one of the links down below this message (the one for DENHR - look at maps) click on maps go to the Wilmington area and start zooming in on them. When you get to the point where yo can see the Isabelle Homes bridge switch google to satellite view and the "brownfield" land will be highlighted in yellow.
Shoningers land is highlighted.
What you don't see is how bad it is or the possible methods of remediation.
It could be as easy as a couple of inches of dirt over the top, or it could be you've got to take off the top 2 feet and replace all of that dirt.
We just don't know.
Now one other thing from NSS you need to think about

Detailed site evaluation. Dowtown sites "opportunites and constraints" These are obviously the constraints. Sorry no page numbers back there
• Most sites lay within the 100
year floodplain
• Most sites may present
challenges in dealing with
the existing water table
• Most sites have limited
opportunity for on-site
• Many sites have a higher
probability of environmental
remediation being required
due to past uses.
• Site acquisition costs tend to
be higher in this area

The top two have nothing to do with pollution but could, COULD be major costs for the city or the construction company (I don't know what category this would fall under, the city is only responsible for buying and mediating the pollution).
Now assume Riverwalk has to be extended (a pretty safe bet) How much would bulkheads cost?
I don't think the pollution is the problem I think its the flood plain and water table.
Neither Shoningers property nor Dean Hardwoods is my first choice for where to put this.......


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