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"Make a call first" (I doubt that)

"Despite all those new features, customers we spoke with will use the iPhone for its most basic function first: making calls." (Unquote)
I doubt that...the first thing they do will be "SEND A TEXT"
Ah...cell phones...can't live with them...can't live without them.
In the words of my young daughter a few years ago, when a new neighbor approached us in our yard...she said to me..."Quick Dad...hand me a cell phone!!!"
As long as one has a cell phone...why talk to people in person?
Think about it :-(
With some individuals (mainly the young) they are given this tool as a communication device, and in turn has driven them away from eye to eye contact with others 10 fold.
But I guess when you ask them "What is the name of our Nations Capitol?"...give them a second or 2, and they will look it up on their phone, which does make it handy!


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