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@ Guest2020

A church group helping a school beautify the school property is fine, and helping out the community is a good lesson for kids to learn. Kids need to understand that the community and society need to help each other.

However, I think the idea of "planting the seed of faith" is the problem.I'm sure the comments were innocent, and the person who made them meant no harm.

But It is always easy to dismiss comments like those when they come from a source you agree with. In order to be fair, and test your own reasoning, try this little thought experiment.

Imagine if a local Islamic mosque was helping out around the school, and a spokesperson for that mosque indicated they wanted to "plant the seed of faith," around the school and in the classroom.

How would you feel about that? Would you have still written a full throated defense of the idea of spreading faith in the classroom? Somehow I doubt it.

Again, I'm sure the comment was made innocently, but there is already enough religious influence in schools.Helping out is one thing, spreading the faith is another.


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