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D, why is it always

D, why is it always necessary to speculate down to the concerns of what small religious group may be offended? A generous act has been offered by a group of citizens availing themselves to their right to assemble in a public place and this group of citizens wants to give something back to its host.

Hasn't Christianity been repressed enough to suit you?

Here's an expansion to your thought experiment. How do you think a Christian community would be received trying to evangelize in Dearborn MI in its majority Muslim enclave? Similarly, how do you think that an Hasidic community in any one of their stronghold enclaves would react to Christian evangelisation? I will answer my own question: the Christians would certainly be repressed.

Separation of Church and State only prohibits the establishment of a state religion. This doctrine has been sharpened into a tool to suppress Christianity and the right to free expression of its adherents.

There are many places for the faithful of other religions to practice their faith in these United States. Why has it become illegal for Christians to do the same?


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