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John, I don't think it safe

John, I don't think it safe to assume that Gov. Romney's ship is sunk yet. There's a big cat still in the bag which is that fairness is not a concern when we realistically look at the tax code, the only duty of any citizen is that he or she pay their legal obligation according to the tax law.

We should not ignore the fact that while the President may support policies and objectives, tax law originates in the Congress.

President Reagan has been styled "The Great Communicator", a title he richly deserves. For better or worse, this President was the most effective change agent in office during my lifetime. Reagan's first two major tax acts in 1981 and 1982 were passed by a Republican Congress. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 was passed by the 99th Congress consisting of a Republican Senate (53R, 47D) AND a Democratic House (253D, 182R). To President Reagan's credit, he succeeded in making his policies happen by persuasiveness and compromise.

Moving a little ahead in history and thinking about NAFTA and its effects particularly the loss of American jobs, we must recall that this was signed into law under President Clinton with the blessings of Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. No post FDR Democrat had a greater opportunity than Pres. Clinton to step up and reverse bad policy in favor of the American worker. Unfortunately he didn't.

More currently, President Obama enjoyed a friendly Congress during the term of the 111th (2009-2011). What did this Congress really accomplish aside from health care reform which still remains contentious? Did Pres. Obama succeed in building consensus and working for the middle class??


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