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Why don't YOU get real?

With your Clintonesque attempt at "political correctness", I suppose you see it proper that they behead an innocent journalist on camera and send it for all of America to view. I suppose you see it proper that they ambush our soldiers, kill them, burn their bodies, drag them through the streets and hang them on a bridge for display. I suppose you also think it to be "cool" that the enemy doesn't wear uniforms to identify themselves, make themselves a walking bomb and take pride in killing anyone who is in their vicinity, just for the sake of killing?
Yes, we've all seen the likes of yellow-bellies like you that soft-heart ruthless killers of your own countrymen. I wouldn't even wish a conglomerate of spineless sympathizers like you to be caught up in a 9/11 incident.
In my opinion, the only people that should've been charged and court-martialed in this case is the IDIOT that took the pictures and the other IDIOT that distributed them. They may likely be one and the same. They definitely have the same personal, unique makeup as you...a traitor and sympathizer! I can see you now at a war protest, holding a bold sign that reads, "Terrorists are humans too!". It doesn't get much more "REAL" than that!!!


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