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Oh STOP it.......

On my first encounter with "the fountain" I was flabbergasted (no I didn't hit it).
Then I did some research - donated in 1921.
Congratulations city of Wilmington! In 1921 you had, what, 3 cars and maybe 14,000 folks living here? Glad the horse drawn carriages could maneuver around Kenans folly.
As our city has grown so has our penchant for "things that are old".
This is a stupid location for a very attractive piece of history - but history can not and should not stand in the way of progress and public safety.
Move the damn thing to a safe location - preserve it for future generations - get it out of the way of deranged drivers. Historical significance should not exacerbate safety hazards for John Q Public.
I'm all FOR being responsible and for history but putting a road block on a major thorough fair in this day and age is as stupid an idea as building a ball park with taxpayer dollars.



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