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When in Doubt, Make Stuff Up

"Councilman O’Grady says clean up costs are already built into the $6 million allotted for acquiring the land to build the ballpark, but also admits there are no certainties that it will be enough to cover all costs."

Does anyone remember the show "Fantasy Island"? Councilman O'Grady has taken up permanent residence there. He's saying they're going to buy the land for less than $6 million?

Contamination issues aside, if that property has to comply with standard building requirements for flood plains, they're going to have to haul in many, many tons of fill dirt. I had to do it on a higher piece of property, that was only 1/4 acre. It cost me over $10k, and that was 12 years ago. There is no way they can do the same on an area that large, and that low, for less than $400k.

The City, as stated in the agreement, is responsible for coming up with any money above the $6 million allocated for land. The City is responsible for all infrastructure, remediation, site work, etc, etc. I think this thing would be over budget before they had their ground breaking ceremony.



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