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Your Goal Met??

Ah, a *different* Mr.T. Cute, but much as I loathe the original, I can credit him with the ability to spell and use punctuation. Clearly, you are not he.
Whatever little troll you may be, your referendum is going to get blown out of the water, sorry. That 80% against figure that keeps repeating itself in every survey done will be reflected in the voting results. I laugh at your "goal being met", considering how hard the pro side worked to keep this OFF the ballot. Fail.
I'm not sure why you try to lump all anti-stadium folks together politically. I voted for Obama the first time around, this time I'm voting for Gary Johnson, as I feel Obama hasn't kept to his promises on too many issues. I see Romney as a buffoon who reminds me too much of our own Billy Saffo. If I had to guess, I would say Harper Peterson - who is strongly against the stadium deal - will be voting for Obama. The anti-stadium folks are about as politically diverse as it gets, but it's good that you show your ignorance of them whenever you post.
The "positive people who care about Wilmington" are right here. We set aside our own selfish wants, unlike the stadium fans, who want their toy and don't care what it costs everyone else.
Now, run along and find the REAL MrT, so he can tell us again how "It's not about baseball".


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