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Here's a thought for all 8 of us

In spite of thousands of Kueblers posts to the contrary I have to wonder about some things.

In that story we see our Mayor saying he can’t support $40M.
7% later – he’s in full support of $37M.
So did waiting make the deal sweeter or more SOUR?
In that NSS study ch 8 pg 103 we see the deal is for $400,000 per year with cost of living increases every year.
Now we have a deal of lease with NO cost of living increase
So did waiting make the deal sweeter or more SOUR?
Mandalay tossed the city “a bone” by saying we’ll share naming rights over $325,000.
From NSS Ch 8 pg 99:
”it is estimated that a new ballpark could generate approximately $270,000 in net naming rights revenue, increasing three percent per year.”
So did waiting make the deal sweeter or more SOUR?

Originally Chuck Kuebler said there would be a public park included in the deal.
The latest deal says the park would be developed separately from the stadium and at city expense.
So did waiting make the deal sweeter or more SOUR?
So, all you supporters – how can you claim the deal got sweeter with every delay?
Please show me through news articles and links how the current deal is sweeter than the original deal?

And you folks wonder why we are so skeptical?
Even YOU GUYS got duped.
The PPP poll IMPLIED that a public park WOULD be part of this deal several of the questions dealt with that very subject.
Now it's separate?
How disingenuous can the pro side get?
How does it feel to get "used"? To be painted as not knowing what in the heck you're talking about? How do you feel when you read the MOU and realize it trashes the NSS report and just about every darned post you guys have made claiming "OH it will include a park", or "It will cost the city MUCH less than $31M" or "The stadium will generate revenues for the city".
If I were on the pro side I'd be pretty darned mad right about now.
In the space of 5 short months we went from "It will cost the taxpayers nothing" to costing us, at a minimum, $58M?
What kind of supporters are you?



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