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I have no problems with cell

I have no problems with cell towers. They are something that is necessary in todays world where everyone has "gone wireless".

Everyone waits in line for hours and hours to get the new iPhone 5, but what's that? No signal when you're in your house? That big fancy expensive phone doesn't work unless there is a cell tower somewhere nearby. The same goes for any wireless devices. Wireless means it uses radio waves, and the requires antennas and towers.

I call this the "NIMBY" syndrome. Everyone wants their fancy schmancy wireless devices to work with lightning fast data speed and crystal clear calling without dropping calls, but they don't want the tower anywhere near their home. Which do you want, a 600.00 phone that works or a 600.00 phone that doesn't work, but a house sitting on a lot that is valued at way more than what it is really worth?

If people want to keep going wireless, you gotta sacrifice something. And don't keep saying that these cell towers are a "distraction". Most of the modern world never notices these towers, unless they can see it from their porch or dock. Other than that, they don't see them. It seems to me that there are lots of people out there that do not want their towers near their houses, but think it is ok to put them up somewhere else, as long as it doesn't bother them.

How many of these people have ever seen WWAY's analog tower out in Winnabow? Or the old WECT stick out near White Lake? These thing are huge, but are necessary in order the TV signal to be broadcast out and received by so many people in outlying areas...again, wireless.


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