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Missing the point...

I think some of you are missing the point here!! You can not possibly blame a 12 year old girl for what was posted on her My Space page, or for texting an adult man. He is the responsible party. So what if she stole her dads' credit card. So what if she packed a bag of clothes. SHE IS 12 YEARS OLD. I have a 12 year old, and this can in no way be blamed on a child. She is a victim. He is a pedophile. I can only pray that she gets some stable adults in her life who can teach her, love her, and not give up on her. Her mother died, and she seems to be left to take care of herself. Who knows, her father might be so overwhelmed he doesn't know what to do with a young girl. He may, on the other hand, be a dead beat. We do know one thing though, this girl needs serious intervention before its to late, and the pedophile needs his D*** cut off. Just my two cents....Poor girl


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