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Sounds like more BS out of Washington DC

This is no different then the witchhunt the DOJ under Obama has been on against Maricopa County AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio for enforcing the laws the Feds have absolved themselves of doing. Reality is obviously the people caught were illegals and needed the boot. Then again heaven forbid they should actually enforce the law and protect our borders. We have serious border issues and Obama and Co write it off as just hardworking people wanting a better life. First, what about the 28 million people who live here legally as citizens and others who are out of work. They deserve priority. Secondly, we have alot of others coming across who's purpose is much more nefarious to include drug runners and in a couple cases highly suspected that possible terrorists have come across our border. (if you doubt that you need to do a search regarding the fact that members of Hamas and other middle eastern terrorist organizations have been seen in Mexico in discussions with the drug cartels, ironic since the Muslim faith is very much against drugs supposedly, but I guess its ok to do business with the drug lords if it further there goals to infiltrate this country and eventually carry off a major terrorist attack on this country).


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