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Must be he didn't "play ball"...

Clear case of the city picking on an individual business owner. I guess somewhere along the line, he didn't properly "grease" the hands of someone of power in the city. A virtual "ride" down Oleander in google maps shows many signs larger than this one. "impedes..... right of way bought by the city"? What possible purpose did they have other than to stomp on this guy? There's a telephone pole and tree between the sign and the road, so they can't claim it's a safety issue. I've never been to the place, and have no clue who the owner is, so I have no dog in the fight.

This reminds me of the stomping that the city did on the Chinese Buffet on Market St. They had neon trim around the building. Not words, not flashing... just straight lines. The city decided that the whole building was a sign. Selective enforcement. How is what they had any different to the LED trim on the building that the Hibachi Buffet near Lowes has now? Must be that they are keeping the right people happy.

How about the billboard sized signs at two car dealers? Oh? They ARE billboards? They have only had the names of the respective car dealers on them for as long as I can remember.


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