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To Bob And Carol

Your facts are completely false!
I am not even listed with the BBB as ever having any sort of complaint against my business. I have a home or residence in TN and I have every right to have my car tagged in TN. I am not being evicted for non-payment of rent. I won the eviction hearing because the owners of this condo lied about the non-payment. The owner of my condo was being threatened with a lawsuit if she didn't evict me because I reported an infestation of raccoons within the buildings to the health dept. and wway3 at the request of the owner of my condo. My dogs have been here with me for almost three years and the only reason my dogs became an issue was out of retaliation by the HOA president for reporting the raccoon issue to the media and health dept. The health dept. substantiated the existence and problem concerning the raccoons living within the walls and attics of the buildings. A huge health risk to the public!

I was not charged with a sex crime. The harassing charge was harassing text messages. Both of those charges were filed after the opposing party was arrested for assault and violation of a 50b order of protection. Those charges were filed against me in retaliation at the advice of this person's attorney because the attorney nor the defendant wanted me to testify in a child custody hearing.

The DA's office used my case and those charges as a means to prove wrong doing on the part of my attorney, the defendant and his attorney. I offered to allow them to use me. The DA's office handled the matter incredibly wrong!

I have never committed—even the slightest offense. I've never even had a speeding ticket. That's the reason the state could use my case to prove the crime against the attorney, and the opposing side in my case. Because deferred prosecution is only offered to those individuals who have never been in trouble before. Once the deferred prosecution process is over, the charges show voluntarily dismissed on a person's record. The only reason you or anyone else can see the deferred prosecution is because it was printed in the newspaper.

But regardless of that—regardless of any of that, Richard White has been accused and has a long history of being accused of inappropriate contact with women. He has been investigated by the SBI for these same accusations in the past.

Investigations take a long time. My attorney, the opposing attorney and the person who assaulted me may or may not pay for their crimes against me. I guess that remains to be seen. But I stand by my offer to be used by the state to prove the crime. And I stand by my efforts to expose the raccoon infestation at the request of the owner of my condo. I have no control over anyone else's actions other than my own. I will always do what is right—as far as my convictions. The truth usually comes out in the end and people usually —eventually pay for their crimes.

Defaming me—or trying to defame me, won't change—or make up for the fact that "public opinion" can't exonerate anyone. That only occurs in a court of law. The evidence will speak for itself.


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