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You ARE currently violating NC law

Since it's clear you have been here longer than 60 days - you have said you and your dogs have been here three years - you are violating NC motor vehicle law. It doesn't matter where you OWN property. It matters where you live. You are not a student, or military, or anything else that would exempt you, and you actually own a business here. Whether it's registered as a NC business, or not remains to be seen. That brings up another interesting question... Where do you claim you live for the purposes of filing income taxes? Tennessee because of no personal income tax? NC DOR might be interested (reminder to self... call NC DOR Monday).

You should be paying taxes and insurance in NC. Law abiding citizens do. Does your insurance company know that the location the vehicle is garaged is nowhere in Tennessee? If not, you are committing insurance fraud.

You, yourself say you live in Oak Island: (Can't be too many people "Spilling The Beans On....."

Next, the BBB DOES list you as having a complaint against your business:

If that's not you, you should talk to the BBB because that is your phone number:

Then, there's your "blog" where you show how good you are at making things up:
"Although some of my stories are based from real life experiences, they are all works of fiction and should be considered products of my imagination"

"While I was interviewing with the FBI agent on Friday..."
They have medication available to help with these conditions!

I am making no accusations here. Just aggregating information online.

Your statement "I have never committed—even the slightest offense" is just a little inaccurate. It should read "I have never been convicted of committing—even the slightest offense". If that's even accurate.


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