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I disagree with your comment. Rashad Williams is a good person who made a bad choice. There are numerous athletes doing the exact same thing but just haven't been caught. Does this make it right? No, but it just brings reality to the light. How do I a fellow classmate and friend feel toward Rashad? I can understand what he is facing, I do not think of him in a lesser regard. Rashad "IS" a person of pride who I respect. I do not think he should be "put on the trash pile" because of one bad choice. Why criticise him more when he already has a heavy load on his back. As a black male who is faced with similar situations on a day to day basis I stand behind Mr. Williams and will be the one who will not gie up on him. If people of his own race and culture will not support him who will. I hate to say this but if we don't white people sure won't! It doesn't take much to make a mistake, but it takes alot to recover from one. Rashad, I will stand behind you and represent you in your absence. I cannot allow others to degrade a good friend and stand their and not defend you. You are a grown man, you control your future after this. Don't be another O.J. your fans and friends/family and people of color need you to continue to be the hero you have shown us you can be. Stay up bruah


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