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What the hell does black have to do with it?

I have read several comments on this discussion about this guy being black. What does the color of his skin have to do with the fact that he is up on Drug charges? Good lord, this child, regardless of color, is up on charges that will be investigated, regardless of color. Granted, with all the "race cards" that are pulled, even if he is guilty, he will never see that verdict. Personally, I hope he is not, being he is a very intelligent young man. He also is not a racial person, so why are you throwing that race card in to start with. Let him prove his innocence.....and quit worrying about race between black and whites, you need to worry about what you are going to live off of when you are old and they have given all the social security to the illegals who have not contributed one dime....get it together of now, one in every ten cities across america, the whites are the day, you won't be able to pull the race card, but you will be poor because your SS money has gone to support the illegals.


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