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whoever this guy is has the

whoever this guy is has the common sense of a turnip. "haters".... i guess you're not "cool" unless you are a drug dealin', ho slappin', cop blastin', bling wearin', thug life SCUM BAG. quick easy money? NFL players make MILLIONS by signing their name the day out of college. THATS EASY MONEY!!!! i didn't own a car til i was 20 years old. i could have sold weed or worse in college and "KEPT IT REAL..ROLLIN FAT" BUT I DIDN'T. I worked my butt off and got a degree and now i make $120K a year. I drive a brand new car, bought a nice house and have all the "bling" i want. whats this kid got? A POTENTIAL PRISON RECORD. You kids need to get your freakin priorities in line. He could have been making MILLIONS in just 2 years. oh yeah, no he can't get his record expunged. its a felony you idiot.


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