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"You are such a loser? What is your child doing? Has your child even been a star of anything, probably not." NOT SURE WHO YOUR COMMENT WAS DIRECTED AT BUT I FOR ONE WILL ANSWER. ALONG WITH MANY OTHER PARENTS THAT RAISED DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. Hummm, when my son was 18 he did not play football, was not a "star" (except to his family), he did not SELL DRUGS..... He was too busy working after school, making A/B's and getting a 1350 on his SAT's. He was well guided, given a lot of care and good parenting, love, acceptance and patience by both his Mother and Father. He is 23 now, never smoked, drank or did drugs. I would say that makes him way MORE OF A STAR THAN THIS BALL THROWER/DRUG PUSHER WILL EVER BE. Pretty darn sad when you have to "START OVER" at 18. Geeeez. Cut the God crap, it's too late for that now. Where was your God BEFORE this ball thrower got into drugs? Good question, why do you expect your God to come clean up your messes?


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