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Okay so why is there so much

Okay so why is there so much anger and rage on this board? First maybe we should all just stop being so judgemental of others and focus on what's important. This young gentleman has made a bad mistake, a very bad mistake that will make him pay. He is old enough to know that there will be consequences to his actions. But he will have to deal with them not any of us. Second none of us know why he was selling drugs. We DO NOT know his story about his home life so keep it off the threads. Honestly situations like this is why there is so much tension down in Louisiana. Why can't we say it's sad unfortunate and move on. Don't call cops pigs ( eventhough some are and you know know who you are), or this young man a thug( eventhough he may be). Let's stop take a moment and see what we can do to help prevent this situation to continue in the schools, neighborhoods and etc. Because we all live in this world so we all need to give a helping hand in someway.


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