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God Forgives

I wasn't going to say anything about this story until I read guest123 remarkes. Yes, this young man made a stupid mistake, but who doesn't? Who are we to judge one another? I am sick and tired of all the gang banging, drug dealing like everybody else. We need to save this kid from the streets and pray for him. His life is not over, he just have to deal with the consequence of his actions. I want everyone to know that whatever decision we make in life, good or bad then there will be a consequence. I do understand that some people don't believe in God and that's your choice, but understand for not believing in Him u will also have a consequence, so don't judge Rashad for what he had done cause I am pretty sure if we digg in your closet we would pull up some mess. God will forgive Him if he ask, and understand that is why He sent His son Jesus to saved us from our sins/mess. Rashad I am praying for you and however, u get out of this don't stop pursuing your dreams. Don't give up cause God haven't given up on you. U can make it, but hang in there through all the negativity. No one is perfect, but I hope u have learned from this. Please don't make the same mistakes twice if u get out of this with mercy. Trust God during this time and pray to Him, He is the only one that can see u through this with a peace of mind. To the gang community, Stop the violence and understand that if u live by the sword(gun) u die by it. Why take lives when u didn't create it. Young people u r our future so please stop taking each others lives. Be Bless!


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