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I am so sick and tired of reading these comments posted about race. And what amazes me is the people that post them are the same people talking about ignorance in another persons comment. Racial slurs=ignorance, no matter what race states them. Who cares if this was a white kid or a black kid. The fact is he had illegal drugs on his possession with intent to use and sell. End of story! All these drug users/sellers know the consequences of their actions. I am alarmed that some of you on here are saying "forget about his drug usage and illegal activities, let him play foot ball. Hoggard needs him". Well, if Hoggard was going to need him that bad then his friends that he was using with or knew about his extracurricular activities should've spoken up before he got caught. It's sad what has become of teenagers. I'm sorry he's off the football team, but that's the consequence of his actions. If we let everybody off scotch free what kind of world would this be. He is young and obviously very good at football. I hope he can turn his life around for the better.


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