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Show a man how to fish and feed him forever, give him a fish and

Doesn't anyone see that by the courts handing out these tough sentences they are creating a lifetime criminal!!! This type of Justice is not correcting the problem. I believe the answers is to educate the drug addict with programs like Drug Court they have a 85% success rate that they do not return to that lifestyle, and after 2 years of having to accept everything D.C. throws at them they go free with no charges. At least doing this give's them the chance to lead a decent life after they complete the program if they choose to. Show a man how to fish and feed him forever, give him a fish and feed him for a day!!! Now on the other hand most criminals that go to Jail and get a felony on his record has a 15% success rate of getting out of that lifestyle. I believe the reason for this is because a felon cannot rent an apartment, get a good job, or having the chance to ever have a productive life is gone. His life is ruined till the day he dies, so do you think we should create more hard core criminals or try to help them understand right and wrong and consequences. If we choose the latter then we are looking at more taxes to pay to keep them in jail. Why don't we put the TV producers in jail for making all the movies that glorify doing drugs and drinking and driving...


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