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Privatize Roads?

I hope you are kidding! Tax payers have paid for those roads and we keep paying for those roads. I for one don't want to have to pay tolls for a road that as a long time tax payer I have already been paying for, for 40 years.

IF roads are privatized that will be another government run, good ole boy, back slapping, smiling as tax payers will be ripped off yet again, dirty deal.

The person/corporation who owns/runs privatized roads will get subsidies up the wazoo, which we will still have to pay for as tax payers and then they can additionally charge us tolls to maintain the roads we have already paid for.

Nope privatized roads would be just another money draining scheme like healthcare.

With a pre-existing condition, one for which there is no cure (congenital heart defect) I will forced to buy healthcare at $542/month for life.

As a baby boomer born after 1955 I will NEVER get Medicare that I pay for out of every paycheck and I will never get Social Security which I have paid into since 1972.

Even Romney says we younger baby boomers won't get these.

So the younger baby boomers have been made victims of a Federal Ponzi scheme with Social Security and Medicare and now Healthcare.

With Healthcare I will pay not only $542/month for life but will have a $5000/year doctor deductible with a $20 copay, a $7000/year surgeon's deductible with a copay and an $11,000/year hospital deductible with a copay and all of that before Federal Healthcare kicks in.

Privatize roads? You must be kidding?


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