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Gee I'll trade with you. Ive been paying 640 a month since last May for COBRA..With Specialist Copays of $40.. If the Government quit forcing Insurance to continue to pay for services people dont want or need under required coverage costs would likely go down, also allowing competition across state lines same as auto insurance is allowed would help.

Im confused however you gripe about the government destruction of Social Security and Medicare yet dont support privitization of other things since you've provided plenty of proof of governmental incompetence. I do agree the local government should be responsible for most roads however totally throwing out toll roads as an option is near sighted at best. RDU has recently added toll roads without any problems. Most larger metro areas have added the alternative option of toll road limited access highways as an option for those willing to pay a little to save time as a rule toll roads are better maintained as a whole then public free highways and bridges.


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