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The reason I do not support the privatization of roads is , (as with privatization of anything, where the government is concerned) we the taxpayers will have to, more than likely, subsidize the companies that do run the toll roads. When repairs are needed they will cost us an outrageous amount. The government overpays for everything and overcharges for everything.

Just which corporation would get the toll concession? I'll bet one from Chicago , New York or New Jersey.

Why should a road which taxpayers have already paid to have constructed and have been paying for, for decades suddenly become a toll road?

We will be paying for the subsidized road repairs and a toll!

Do toll roads mean lower gas taxes? I thought the reason our gas taxes are so high is because we have to pay for roads.

I do NOT believe for one nano-second that if roads were privatized the gas tax would be lowered. The government would just siphon that money off to pay for something not even remotely related to roads, just like they did with my social security.

Does COBRA have $5,000 doctor deductible, every year? That is what I would have to pay out of pocket 100% until the $5,000 was paid THEN I will have a $20 copay. The same with the surgeon and the hospital.


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