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Removing Mayor White...

That would be a good thought...the only thing have 2 people that are Commissioners that think he is "better than sliced bread"! They say YES to everything he wants and they think that "if he does his job as Mayor" he can be as sexually perverted as he wants and it doesn't make him a "bad" man...not to mention "a dirty cop"! I, on the other hand, feel that IF you go to the DA's office, no matter whether you are crazy or deserve every protection they can give you ...ESPECIALLY if you are a WOMAN. And CERTAINLY not have the detective on your case "come on to you"...! BUT, thinking about his actions when he was the police chief, and the sexual harrassment charges against him from the employees in the City Hall office...this doesn't surprise me at all! Expecially since the nepotism in Brunswick is so in our faces! The other thing I can say to you...IF you attach yourself to "HIM"....I consider YOU as sleazy as he is!


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