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Oh really? Send the loser my

Oh really? Send the loser my way and I'll show him how it feels to take a beating by a female for a change. Not to take away from the FEELING of being victimized but....if more women would STOP acting fearful and STAND UP for themselves instead of sitting back and acting like weaklings these types would be much less likely to act again. YES, there are circumstances that do NOT allow for this type of action but CMON!!!! There were no chairs you could grab? There was NO ONE that would have heard you scream? You were obviously allowed to leave right? The guy turns around, you clock him with something heavy. And what happened to filing charges? THEN? Not after so much time goes by. So what he got dismissed? What exactly should that have changed as far as prosecuting this idiot?
Smarten up ladies. Don't let this be you, better yet....don't let yourselves be the next victim.


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