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To BSL Lady

Hey BSL Lady,

I"m standing up to—and against the Brunswick County corruption exactly like I stepped up to the plate and reported (for my landlord at her request) the raccoon issue at the condo. And guess what—the raccoons are now gone! But they would still be here possibly putting the vacationers in danger if I had done nothing.

If I had not written my blog, I wouldn't have the support—from the good decent supporters out there—and if not for them, I would have never reported the incidents or the abuse.

My Blog is factual—because if it wasn't, I'm writing about a lot of powerful people and revealing some extremely dirty dealings—and they would have had it jerked from the internet the first week—when I began publishing back in June. @

I'm just a good person who offered to do a really selfless thing for the DA's office to prove criminal wrong doing on behalf of a couple criminal. And not only was I not appreciated in the process but I was used in such a way that it became abusive in nature and I was re-victimized by the DA's office and then again personally by Richard White.

Have you ever heard the old saying; "No good deed goes unpunished?" If you haven't, that is the gist of my blog. But you should read all of it because if you did, there's no way you couldn't believe because there's no way to fabricate something like that. But just wait and see what happens. It' gonna all play out.


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