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Oh really.....!

Madame....let me see....being a woman, I go to the DA's office with a complaint ...the detective assigned to me trys to put the "make" on me and you think I should have hit him with a CHAIR? And WHAT, have him put out a warrent for MY arrest, like he did the poor woman that he put the make on from his "gun" class and then she took him for some money....(one crook took advantage of another crook)....he is a vindictive, dirty obviously havent been privy to some of his sleazy actions....I am ashamed that you would think it is okay to be victimized by the person that is SUPPOSED to be helping from behind a "badge"!!! Ask some of the BSL "old timers" about his "sexual battery" charge when he was Police Chief...I suppose THAT woman that was accosted in an elevator was supposed to pull a chair out of the air like magic... you don't always have a chair available....and you SHOULDN'T have to defend yourself against an officer of the law....get real! (Whether she had racoons in her attic or not!)


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