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Hey Concerned

Ms. Prater, the reason why people will not leave their names is because of your unstable past. I have dealt with you before and your are NOT wrapped to tight. You have lied about a previous stalking incident where you called and texted your victim after being TOLD to cease and desist. You claimed you were being stalked and it was clearly documented on video that YOU were the one who stalked. You really need to leave this area and go back to where you have come from or the rock you crawled out from under. YOU Ms. Prater have worn out your welcome. Do not let the door hit you in the back upon your departure. You have no morals and are a complete liar shame on you. Folks this alledged incident happened in March why did it take this depraved person until now to put her hand on the Bible and swear to God and an officer of the court that what was just stated is the truth. Hmmmm makes you wonder who ALL are involved in this debacle. I smell more than one RAT!


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