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John Q BSL

Obviously you are one of the only a handful of "Richard supporters" who will do anything to defame the character of a victim. I have only one question for you, If i'm so unstable, then why was Richard in such hot pursuit of me? Have you ever asked yourself that question? The video in question was gathered at my request and proved 100% that I was the one being stalked. The video was altered because I agreed to let your friend Richard and his buddy Jon David use me in the DA's attempt to show criminal wrong doing on behalf of my attorney and the opposing (counsel and defendant). As Richard called it on the phone one night, "my civic duties" which I so selflessly agreed to do for the state. I have never called or texted anyone who doesn't or hasn't called or texted me. And you have never had any dealings with me because I don't date—and haven't "dated" anyone here other than Sociopath—who doesn't live here.

The truth is gonna come out and when it does, I think your little group might be surprised. I'm not going anywhere! So you might as well get used to seeing me around for quite a while.


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