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This is a lot to swallow.

Damn Lady! So let's see If I get what you are saying right. The guy that was stalking you ended up having those charges against him dismissed and at the same time a Judge ruled against you for stalking him and slapped you with probation. So, the DA, the Judge and your attorney were all in this huge conspiracy against you! Is that what you are saying? Oh, and the guy you accused of stalking you, his cell phone records did not in deed have multiple text messages from you it was the other way around? And I believe you have (but I am not sure because you have made so many accusations against so many)said the Sheriff's Department is also somehow involved in all these things. Is that right? So, the entire legal system in this county, all the officers of the court and your own attorney have ganged up on you and you are pristine clean without any guilt of anything whatsoever. Is that what you are trying to get us to swallow. You know what, I think there is no way you could be that wicked so you must really, really believe all this crap. I mean deep down inside. Gosh, you really do need help. You just have to understand, all that is just a little to much for the rest of us to swallow. It is not that we have anything against you. It is just you have spun a tail way to out there to even consider possible. Oh and btw, the security tapes like the one you talk about being doctored. Well, those systems are made to prevent that kind of thing or they would not be admissible in court so, there was no doctored tape either.


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