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John Q BSL....

Oh yeah, he DID "retire" AGAIN but why would he do that when he only worked there about 4 months...I mean IF he THOUGHT he was innocent..WHY would he resign or why would Jon David accept his resignation if he thought he was a real asset to his department???? If you look in his employment history....he has "retired" from his last SEVERAL jobs....and I wonder why...could it be that the "pot was too hot" and he had to get out? Or that he signed a "deal with the devil"...I know he did when he left the Police Chief job...he was ASKED to retire...and why wouldn't they FIRE the pervert....I keep asing myself that..obviously, Jon David, who was warned NOT to hire him, would be embarrassed to admit he made a mistake BY hiring him. From what I understand....he had a problem with EVERY job he has ever had...always the same reason, also from what I understand ...that being his "mis treatment" of women! I'm feeling John Q is either his good buddy, YES man, sitting as a commissionor OR could be the AARP tax guy who NEVER puts his real name on anything.... am I too far off? If so, Susan, they must be living "vicariously" thru Richards be so "up his rear"!


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