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Win/Lose decided by courts and not you or me!

If she wins her case it is because in a court of law she was able to prove her case. If she loses her case it will be cause she can not substantiate her allegations. You just don't like the idea you can not manipulate that decision to go along with your desires. Same as you can't stand to accept the decision of the majority of voters in two elections. But, that is you and not me or the rest of this country that subscribes to the rule of law rather than the rule of the mob! I will accept the rulings of our court. You will too if it goes the way you like. But if it does not, you will be the first to be blogging more venom from your very biased mind. If the day comes that you are simply accused and have not been tried on some action I hope I know about it and find out who you are so I can give you a real dose of your own medicine. On the other hand, if the courts rule against him, look for me to be in that blog accepting the verdict just as the law requires. I will be one of the first! Now, are you willing to state you will be one of the first to admit you were wrong if the courts do not rule the way you want? I am sure you will not. If it happens, prove me wrong.


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