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Keegan, The All Knowing...WOW!

Oh Great and Omnipotent Master Keegan. Grace us more with your wisdom and truths. Thou quotes from great others. Some with names and some without. You speak with great instruments of value and knowledge as you prove your all knowing ways with such great words as, "...I found that out for sure after suspecting it from a friend...of his!" Oh great master of this universe that can obtain mere hearsay and know when it is the truth and when it is not. And thanks be unto you that you would grace us poor mortals in BSL with your blessings and guidance by sharing all the hearsay with us but at the same time assuring us as to the factual nature of such sayings. Ye that knows more than the courts. Ye that knows more than anyone. Ye that is so great and Omnipotent. We kneel before you and your army of dark angels and accept the words you speak as the gospel! Freakin NOT! When are you going to learn the rest of us are not idiots and we don't give a peddlers damn about your hearsay opinions. YOU AND YOUR CARNIVAL WACKED OUT BUDDIES AND FRIENDS ARE LESS THAN A CIRCUS AND JUST A POOR AND PITTIFUL JOKE. Your pitiful little caravan has been on this road for three years and you have yet to have the citizens in BSL to find you credible, in any way! And you insult them by calling them stupid. That is going to get you a whole lot of friends in the community, don't you know? Take a powder and get over it. The majority here just does not agree with you. They have not and they do not now.


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