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Please, learn to write in an educated manner.

You write, "It is Whites picture....". That should be White's and not "Whites". As far as who cares I guess nobody except others that are obviously involved. For example, "Keegan". You post here but you do not want anything stated accept something about White. Well, when you posted you put yourself in the mix. Also, others have mentioned Ledbetter and now Susan has mentioned Ballree. You are all in the mix now right along with White. You, are now part of the story. So while you are taking shots do not whine about shots taken at you. Just get used to getting something back when you throw something out. That is the way things are. BTW, while you are doing it, get your spelling and punctuation right. So it has to do with Ledbetter and the Keegans as they have been at the very least joined the conversation with questions as to these parties. Last but not least, they all have been involved with this hunt for years now.


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