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Dear Mr. *Now Make Other Corrections*, (whoever-you-are), I Am ONE of the-ex-wives. I don't know you, and actually, I don't know Mrs. Keenan. NEVER met her in my life. BUT, since YOU pulled ME into YOUR Little Bickering Conversation, I feel I have A Right to respond... I've lived here in BSL since 1977. I know more about Our City than I really want to know. If Mrs. Keenan wants to talk to me, I have NO problem with that whatsoever. YOU on the-other-hand, I DO have a Problem with. How Dare YOU, bring a subject up that YOU Sir Know NOTHING ABOUT!!! You Don't KNOW Me. And I Don't want to Know You! Because, I can already see that, by putting ME in your responses, You write things that You obviously make up as you go. My ex- husband and I BUILT a Life "Together". Not that it is ANY of Your business, We BOTH made Mistakes. That Sir... is why we are not together as of this day. I don't appreciate you implying that I ever gave my ex-husband any cash.(the statement-right after you asked her if he has hit her up for any cash) Do You Know What Would Be *FABULOUS* (apparently a WORD you like), if You Would PLEASE Leave Me OUT of Your OPINIONS next time. That Sir, Would Be *FANTASTIC*(another one of your words) Oh Yeah....DO I KNOW YOU?..because You're Obviously Too Scared to put Your Name on YOUR COMMENTS..Man UP!!! Have A Nice Day and God Bless, Debbie


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