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A failure to communicate

Well, at least they ponied and apologized.

I really have no earthly idea why folks in this state are reluctant to employ National Incident Management System tools. This was obviously a planned event by NCDOT which was very poorly communicated. If they had used the Incident Command System model (which works exceptionally well for planning complex events) they would have better communicated internally, and externally, and stakeholders and partners would have all been on the same page.

When you see a city like Los Angeles, and "Carmaggeddon II"...get national attention, you at least know they're following a deliberate planning strategy and getting the word out. It may not be fun, but it is coordinated. NC is still stuck in the 60's when it comes to these things...and the right hand is continuously clueless as to what the left hand is doing.

I'm thinking of all the really bad things that could have happened as a result of the ineptitude displayed. Let's hope they really take this to heart...and some of the other organizations in the area could stand to look at this, too. I see this a lot around here.

Needless, needless, needless.


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