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Dot resident engineer and construction engineer

Come again ...Our DOT resident engineer...This was your first nonchalant comment "We realized from this weekend that we have LITTLE bottlenecks..." Obviously you didn't sit in any of that traffic at those "little" bottlenecks. Please explain ...if you any amount of traffic could be routed thru 3rd St.? Have any of our DOT engineers even looked at this situation in REAL time...It is a much greater problem that should be recognized as such and it is by no means LITTLE. Please for future reference do no t use the LITTLE word when you speak of this enormous problem. Also, in the future, contract personnel should be told that the bridge can only be closed during the USUAL closing times of 8PM to 5AM and that it should be planned accordingly. To the NCDOT constuction engineer...On the NCDOT bridge website submitted on September 25th 2012, there is no mention in those days that are listed that the cape fear memorial bridge was going to be closed all weekend SO when you make the comment that we need to get the word out to the public and to try to avoid the area....How about doing that a few weeks before you decide to just "Nonchalantly" close the bridge without notice...Some people don't just sit and watch TV. Someone has got to be held accountable PERIOD.....If attention is not being paid to something as important as this what else is being missed. This whole situation could have been avoided if SOMEONE would have DONE THEIR JOB!!!!!!!DO IT RIGHT NEXT TIME!!!!!! Please! Time will tell if all involved are truly listening to those that they are to be serving.


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