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I'm sorry but Mr. Provost is

I'm sorry but Mr. Provost is an idiot... For one you are just now realizing there are bottlenecks?? Have you seen 421 between IHB and 74/76/17 on any workday at 5pm? Also you cut off one of two arteries west of town, and don't publicly announce such a move... You sir are an idiot... in a economy where many good intelligent people are out of work I'm amazed you have a job... WOW!... Also I was traveling over the IHB to Leland Saturday and ILM Police were directing traffic they let about 30 vehicles go from the dowtown ramp onto the bridge then got in their cars and left leaving a cluster *&*& for the rest of us to figure out... Absolutely unacceptable...

On another note What is prohibiting the DOT from working on the CFB during night hours?? When there is far less traffic... allowing traffic to flow during the crucial hours of the day... really?? I can't believe I have to ask this question, but Mr. Provost didn't even know bottlenecks existed until this weekend so...


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