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I agree 100% and so do all

I agree 100% and so do all of thier neighbors and friends. He is one of the most sincere people I have ever known. I think people should know more about Angie's past as well. She had attempted suicide at least once before by self inflicted gunshot. Also her son committed suicide. I really think thier was a problem but not with Phillip! Thier are just to many factors missing in this case. Funny thing that her daughter went to work for an attorney then all of a sudden the case was reopened and now he was arrested due to information give by Angie's family. If they had information in this matter of thier own family member why keep it in for 12 years? And further more if you thought someone murdered your mother you certainly wouldn't move within a quarter mile of them on the same street. I truly hope that the truth comes out. Phillip has children of his own and grand-children. He also has a ton of health problems and I am sure he will not get the treatment needed in the columbus county jail! I will be in prayer for Phillip and his family during this very trying time and hope that you all will do the same!


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