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Get your facts straight

You need to get your facts straight!. Angies daughter didn't leave her 2 boys for her husband and inlaws to raise, it was Angies 1st cousin!!! Her daughter has NEVER left her children, but even so, what would that have to do with anything. Obviously the police have evidence or there wouldn't have been an arrest. I've ALWAYS felt that Angies death was not suicide. I talked to her the nite before she died and she was perfectly fine! She told me several times during her short marriage to Phillip, that she was the happiest that she's ever been, so I never beleived that she killed herself. Her husbands story changed twice about what happened that nite. As far as her sons suicide, NO ONE EVER blamed it on anybody!!! It was just said that he killed himself over a girlfriend that broke up with him! But this poor kid had a rough life. His dad was sent to prison when he was only 6 yrs old, then he had to live with an abusive stepfather (not Phillip), and then had to deal with losing his mom when he was only 13 yrs old. People like you really make me mad! If you don't know first hand what your talking about, you really should keep your thoughts to yourself, then you wouldn't look so stupid!!!!!


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