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My dear person representing the "LAW" should EVER touch a matter how unsettled she is or as some call her "crazy"...again, that is even MORE reason for law enforcement to PROTECT her. What if your wife, daughter, mother or girlfriend would try to get help and all she gets is a detective that "trys" to seduce her.......THAT is what happened here...not once, but several times! The detective should be of the HIGHEST moral standards...and since this type of accusation has followed Richard around...I think his morals are at the "bottom of the barrel"....and Susan has NOT HOOKED UP with Ledbetter....because he defends her...that is "hooking" up? Get real....but since you brought him up...I suppose you think the Mayor didn't have a vendetta against him? I can tell you, he had a vendetta against EVERYONE that testified against him at his last little incident with the city...THAT cost our city $12,000 because of his "skirt chasing" oh and not to mention that he LIED under oath...I have the court documents...morals you say....not so much!


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