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Wow Seriously..... Please do

Wow Seriously..... Please do not judge others, young or old. You nor I know the circumstances around this young lady. It is not our right to judge this young lady and call it a disgrace. The child has been brought into this world surrounded by questions, whispers and people like you judging the mother and child. The baby should be surrounded by love. First off - if you didn't all ready know - - - teenagers are having SEX and no matter how much sex education or even "protection" being handed out - it will not change the problem. The pregnancy thing is not something that just started a few years ago - it's been around as long as there has been man, woman and a thing called hormones. Years ago - in the early 80's and before - young women where shipped off to an "Aunt's" house and then returned once the baby was born. It was always hush hush. I personally know of several teenage Mothers who are in school - have graduated and moved on to college and take care of their babies as well. I applaud these young women - especially when people like you look down your nose at them. I guess you must live a perfect life and never made a mistake. Give it a rest - don't judge - jump in with both feet and try to help people in need, give advise, or just listen. That's whats wrong with society today - no one cares about their fellow mankind - it's a ME society we live in today.


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