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Its not like she woke up

Its not like she woke up this morning and decided to have her baby in the bathroom. It disgusts me that people really think they need to comment stuff like that on here... like "did she make the baby in there too?" Like, seriously... grow up! Just because a teenager had a baby doesn't mean shes a dirty slut, you have NO IDEA what happened. Maybe she was raped or maybe it was her first time. You have no idea and its not your place to go and make assumptions and cruel comments. I bet you shes probably reading all of these. If you cant say anything nice then don't say anything at all. As for me... I hope that the baby and mother are healthy and doing well and I wish them both the best of luck... and happy birthday to the baby its my brothers birthday too.
And next time decide if you were face to face with that girl if you would have said all the stuff you typed hiding behind your computer screen. Be considerate of other people.


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