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And once again

some witless wonder takes shots at surfcitytom.

I guess, when you say it has been so long since I posted anything, you've missed the discussions on the taxpayer funded ballpark. Or maybe you're one of the proponents who will say anything to get the voters attention away from the truth about this pending albatross.

I am more amazed at some of the mindless and frankly downright stupid comments some have made on this issue.

"She didn't know she was pregnant". Please tell me how someone goes through an 8 to 9 month gestation period and does not know she is pregnant.

"She barely spoke English. She was still learning." Shaking the head side to side communicates NO in any language. What her language skills had to do with teen pregnancy eludes me.

Giving her free food stamps, cell phone, section 8 housing, medicaid for the child will have costs which the taxpayers will bear.

And if anyone reads print media or watches the national news, there have been numerous reports of the spike in teen pregnancy caused by non-thinking teens who view that pregnancy as a ticket to appearing on their own reality show.

Too bad so many weasels focus on slashing at yours truly and don't focus on solving the problem.

Now one poster noted she barely spoke English. Was she in the country legally?


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